So many things made me laugh today

1. Bro is the new babe First, a man called me bro. I made an awesome comment on his street photography on instagram, and his reply was: “yes betul to bro” (yes, that’s right bro). I think bro is the new babe, because he definitely knows from my profile photo that I am a woman.Continue reading “So many things made me laugh today”

His hands are so beautiful

His hands are so beautiful. They caress the steering wheel, lightly and gently. A large silver band shone on the middle finger of his right hand, as the dark of the night seeps through his side of the window. Darkness, light. Darkness, light. The glow from the freeway’s lamp posts washes his face an occasionalContinue reading “His hands are so beautiful”

He Looks Like A Transformer

There, don’t you see him? That’s his eye, his right eye. It’s gleaming in the daytime, reflecting the sunshine from outside. He looks like a serpent. His nose is buttoned up, his nostrils kept under control from flaring. The metal grids on his lower cheek substitute for his scales. He’s touching the curb. Maybe whenContinue reading “He Looks Like A Transformer”

Pinny Bear and the Giant Strawberry

Once upon a time, there was a cute little bear. She was beige in her entirety, except for a very cute brown nose and two curious brown eyes.  Her name was Pinny Bear, and she was born to a pair of Bear parents who lived in a tiny house in Green Ville. She was calledContinue reading “Pinny Bear and the Giant Strawberry”