The Tale of Swan & Bear

Once upon a time, two friends lived in a small town called Artistry Village. One was called Swan, and the other was called Bear. Swan was six years old, while Bear was a little younger at five and a half years old. Swan was a beautiful and graceful little creature, who always wore her bestContinue reading “The Tale of Swan & Bear”

The Papervan

Practice writing scenes in detail The LED lights danced above Selena‚Äôs head as the truck bounced its way along the Tampines Expressway. At night, the freeway snaked along quietly, with tropical barren plains protecting it on each side. Only the warm orange glow from the lamp posts that stood like concrete guardians lit up theContinue reading “The Papervan”

How to write a good story

The key to writing a good story is simple: 1. Show, don’t tell. Give details that will let the reader realise for themselves what is happening. 2. The story must progress. The story must have a progression and plot that moves it forward. It cannot be simply describing a scene. 3. Create concrete characters. CreateContinue reading “How to write a good story”