Stranger than fiction

Things you don’t really talk about but if you think about them, they’re actually quite surreal. 1. When I was 11, I was in Sydney and amidst a crowd of KISS concertgoers, a Vietnamese man ran past me and shot a policeman. 2. When I was 17, I almost died in a car crash drivingContinue reading “Stranger than fiction”

melbourne (like jason bourne)

in melbourne, like jason bourne. hopped on a jetplane, watched big bang theory. the best pho’ in the world is in st albans, the best thai in the world, on lygon street. a day out in daylesford, a hot afternoon in mill’s market, coffee at brother bubba budan, on little bourke st. miss my woolworths,Continue reading “melbourne (like jason bourne)”

Fragments of events from the past

Alone in Rome. Staying at Ciak Hostel on viale Manzoni. Eating dinner with a group of strangers. That quiet night walking alone to the Colosseum and back. Watching the 2,000-year-old edifice in the strange yellow light of the night. Popping in for a gelato, coffee and nut flavour. Giving my map away to random strangers.Continue reading “Fragments of events from the past”

Graffiti collection

A collection of the best and funniest graffiti spotted during my time in Europe, from the superbly skillful to the banefully basic. Close to the University of Amsterdam, Dec 2010 At the corner from a psychedelic cafe I was dining at Close to the University of Amsterdam, Dec 2010 In a very dodgy area IContinue reading “Graffiti collection”

Four days in KL

Four days in KL and so much to shout about. The Malaysian landscape. Imam melaungkan azan. Pandu lalu KFC. Surat khabar lama. Ramadhan bazaar. Sunway Lagoon’s keseronokan tanpa henti. Tomahawk, Pirate’s Revenge. Lost City of Gold, Butch Cassidy’s Trail, Apache Pots, Wagon Wheel, Grand Rapids. 15 Royce’s tiramisu wafers 12 macarons from TWG 9 ridesContinue reading “Four days in KL”

Finding your place in this world

A German backpacker friend once told me a story of her German friend in Bali. “She was an average person,” she began. “She was really quiet, didn’t do well in school, didn’t get on with her family, nothing was going well for her in Germany.” I listened on as she told me how everything changedContinue reading “Finding your place in this world”