Easing my way back into Asia

The 10 days in Italy did me much good. Not only was it a European break, it provided a sort of culture shock bumper for my return to Asia. As many may know, southern Italy is not very much unlike Southeast Asian cities… The constant sunshine making my eyes squint and getting used to sunniesContinue reading “Easing my way back into Asia”

‘What brings you to Positano?’

“What brings you to Positano?” This is the line uttered by Raoul Bova, my Italian sister’s favourite actor in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun (2003). In this scene, he asks his American lover Diane Lane what she is doing turning up in his hometown by surprise. The wonderfully dressed, Vespa-riding Ms Lane remarks, “WhatContinue reading “‘What brings you to Positano?’”

The European dream

Aunts Christine and Becky in London c.1960 Many have heard of the American Dream, but few have heard of the European Dream. The American Dream for many is the pursuit of freedom and happiness in a land rich in opportunity and resources to achieve a better, richer and fuller life. The European Dream, however, mayContinue reading “The European dream”

European summer

The jumbo continental croissants Getting rushed around northern Germany Tea and cakes with Opa and Oma Wading in the ice-cold pool in the hills Industrial Revolution photoshoot outside MOSI John Mayer’s self-esteem speech Station-hopping in Prague Currywurst and fries before the Euro finals Dancing in Petrin Hill £20 John Mayer T-shirt x x x DedicatedContinue reading “European summer”