New vote issue

The old vote is gone, the new has come. Last month’s question was, do you prefer soap bars or shower gels? There was a resounding 50/50 split on the issue, and wanphing is sad to admit she wanted Team Soap to win. All is well this month, as August sees most Britons and Europeans goContinue reading “New vote issue”

Fame in 60 Seconds: Jonathan Ong

Jonathan Ong is a 24-year-old photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Singapore, Jon is currently in his final year of studying Communications Design in RMIT. He also shoots wedding and engagement photos for a career. Jon shares with me his love for Coldplay, grandmas and vintage – all of which have inspired his photosContinue reading “Fame in 60 Seconds: Jonathan Ong”

Connect Hotel review

On our last legs we checked in to Connect Hotel, situated two miles on the outskirts of Stockholm in a place called Aljvo. The hotel is busy all year round catering to Stockholm International Fair patrons, a conference venue that gathers designers and businesses under one roof to clinch deals. Psychedelic: Surreal foyer greets patronsContinue reading “Connect Hotel review”