On Saturdays

On Saturdays people are happier. They are not rushing to work, nor keeping their bosses happy. They are not rushing, to do the work that pays for their labour, that pays for their happiness. On Saturdays, people work for themselves. They are running their own errands, and keeping their lives happy. They might work forContinue reading “On Saturdays”

Change, here it comes again

The Yummi Chiffon place has closed down. Have I been in the central business district so long that I have outlived the cafés and restaurants that continue to open and close over these past three years? So has the Jollibean two shops down. The only thing that is left on that row at Tanjong PagarContinue reading “Change, here it comes again”

What kind of worker are you? (pt.II)

At the RE:UNION conference in KL last month, I heard a message about the difference between a roster worker and a vision worker. • A roster worker does the minimum, but a vision worker does the maximum. • A roster worker keeps counting, but a vision worker keeps giving. • A roster worker has skill,Continue reading “What kind of worker are you? (pt.II)”