Shakespeare win

In April this year, I had the great honour of winning second prize at a Shakespeare-themed writing competition. It was organised by the British Council in conjunction with a monthly writing group that I am part of, called Writing the City. Thanks to my friends who came to support me at the prize-giving ceremony, whichContinue reading “Shakespeare win”

When September ends

September breezed by knowingly, yet unknowingly. I had just come back from the Bloom Women’s Conference in KL and landed straight at home to attend a beautiful wedding at Parkroyal on Pickering. Then I was off to the Design Film Festival, spending my hard-earned money on Barbicania, 808 and Iris, three films I really enjoyedContinue reading “When September ends”

So many things made me laugh today

1. Bro is the new babe First, a man called me bro. I made an awesome comment on his street photography on instagram, and his reply was: “yes betul to bro” (yes, that’s right bro). I think bro is the new babe, because he definitely knows from my profile photo that I am a woman.Continue reading “So many things made me laugh today”

Show, don’t tell

Fiction is a game of two players. Transport your readers to another world. Forge an emotional link with them. Dramatise, dramatise, dramatise. Don’t just tell the facts. Give your readers room to imagine. Let them instantly visualise. Not intelligently understand. Use sensory information. Describe a feeling. Don’t mention it. Be specific, not vague. Use simileContinue reading “Show, don’t tell”