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Reviewing my May 2021

In April I wished for a quiet and manageable May. Well, quiet it was because Malaysia went into lockdown on 6 May. Be careful what you wish for. Just before … Continue reading

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Reviewing my January to April 2021

I ushered in the New Year in January with a small birthday celebration at work and a lunch treat by colleagues – very thankful for them. Not much else happened … Continue reading

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Flowers for Your Sunday

Some people think their art is worthless. But I like to see beauty in scraps and sketches. Here are A4 scans, uncropped and unfiltered, by my flatmate who was ready … Continue reading

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Books 2020

2020 was the year I stayed at home reading books. I discovered Libby and signed up using my Singapore National Library Card. I also started reading my flatmate’s books… which … Continue reading

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Reviewing my November & December 2020

My happy November was spent entirely in Penang working from home. There I ate lots of home-cooked food, took many jogs around the Sungai Ara park and discovered a new … Continue reading

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Reviewing my September & October 2020

September was relatively quiet because even though my flatmate was back, she was out a lot visiting friends, family and going on road trips throughout Malaysia. So I spent my time … Continue reading

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Reviewing my July & August 2020

In July, life resumed to normal and it now feels like the lockdown never happened. I went back to the office full-time, completing a second round of line edits for … Continue reading

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Chocolate Project

As a university student, I spent alot of time muckin’ about… and one them resulted in this Chocolate Project, where I made fashion magazine models hold or sit on chocolate … Continue reading

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