Manchester you are so quirky yet I love you more and more each day

around town with my phone.
capturing my european dream
living my european dream.
this is manchester.
off the beaten path.
so quirky yet i love you more and more with each passing day
students are coming run!

an abandoned night club on harter st.

i do not support quakers on mount st.

emporio armani in spinningfields

antony gormley cost manchester art gallery £80,000

the british staple! lloyd st off deansgate


  1. Chino Devean says:

    HAHA I know the Fish + Chips place.. read bout it somewhere and went around looking for the shop.. sure felt out of place when I was ordering ’cause the area is ‘less Asian’ so-to-speak.. definitely a quirky Manchester memory for me.

  2. wanphing says:

    Hi Chino Devean, didn’t realise you read this site! Good ol’ Manchester… the red bricks always make me feel warm.

  3. Chino Devean says:

    OK la, don’t see you in Msia so found this instead… a portal to my memories.

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