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Dear Manchester

dear manchester,

everyday I discover something new about you. it is november now and your skies are getting darker, pavements colder and streets rainier. yet i seem to see more of you that I love.

today we met at victoria baths, and you truly surprised me with your secret rooms and old world charm. you looked dirty on the outside, but inside you were full of hidden treasure.

when i first met you i was reluctant and ungrateful. but as the years went by i realised you were not as harsh as i perceived. i fell in love with the people who lived in you, and i thank god for you because he has ordained my paths, so that i might meet you. and fall in love with you.

yours truly,
wanphing x

mosaic tiles for first class males

before armitage shanks

grill window patterns

spectator seats by the swimming pool

2 comments on “Dear Manchester

  1. Chino Devean
    November 8, 2010

    With the exception of the mosaics… I find this place quite disgusting. A fine line between pretty gritty and yucky mucky.

    Sorry blog-oogling now… long Monday at work… need a break.

  2. wanphing
    November 15, 2010

    It was a bit freaky to be honest, especially the peeling blue posts that were once changing rooms. *shivers*

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