Dear England

dear england,

i too love
your drizzly rain, not
a full asian thunderstorm
yet enough to stall

your country walks and vast plains
the ones i’ve never got
the right shoes for

i love your
train journeys
and the soft hum of the engine
soft conversations blocked out by earphones
my own reflection in the mirror

toys strewn in the backyard
soft curtains in conservatories
purple soil from my window

sheep resting under a tree
i pass obscurities
like rugby, crewe and wem

skater boys and country mansions
camper vans and silky black cows

ponies, barges and dirt bike racing
the modern country life.

ironbridge the birthplace of industry

the national past time

north farm in eaton mascott

george, not elizabeth

a proper shropshire walk

autumn leaves by the river severn

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