Everybody loves Penang

Waking up to a childhood on Saturday morning

Day 0
Chatting with Mum till 4am
Rolling around on the bedroom floor

Antique switch lights at Sun Yat Sen House, Armenian Street

Day 1
Two eggs, a bun and black coffee for breakfast
To Bukit Mertajam for a house visit
Brief stops to Chowrasta Market, Little India and the magazine man on Hutton Road
Exploring Sun Yat Sen House on Armenian Street (and the thieves market opposite)
Happy day at Hameediyah – despite the greasy floors and thumb in curry, this is still my favourite place in the entire world for murtabak ayam and bandung

Rain and dry at The School Academy, Bayan Bay

Day 2
Getting my haircut by a guy called Rain
Pedicure at Queensbay and watching Supernatural
Engagement dinner at Ming Garden
Two pints of Kilkenny with an old college mate
McDonalds pandu lalu dibuka 24 jam

Second hand bookshops at Chowrasta Market

Day 3
Driving around the neighbourhood
Laksa from Sungai Ara
Late afternoon with grandparents
A night trip to the airport and Coffee Bean
Pelita roti telur with a high school mate

Remnants of Fort Cornwallis near Esplanade

Day 4
Renewing my passport at the Immigration Dept
Graveyard tourism at Protestant Cemetery, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
Soya bean drink delivery to sister
Sightseeing along Fort Cornwallis, Light Street and Union Street
Home-cooked dinner at home
Surprise visit from neighbour Z
Pack and off to the airport

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