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Uncle Cecil’s library

There was once a secret corner
In a huge house in sunny Gelugor
It was Uncle Cecil’s library
You had to be careful as you tiptoed
Up the steep wooden steps
And your little fingers grasping
The cold iron railings
At the top of the winding stairs
You are rewarded with a secret corner
A big black chair
Amidst thousands of books
Lined up against the walls
Oh! To dream the hot afternoon away
On top of the world
Above the gossiping aunts
And the noisy cousins
The party’s up here.

2 comments on “Uncle Cecil’s library

  1. Adrian
    February 20, 2012

    Good description, exactly how it makes you feel, lol the gossiping aunts downstairs 😂

  2. wanphing
    February 21, 2012

    Hi Adrian, didn’t realise you were reading my blog! Yes, I love that place… it’s like my secret corner.

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