Movies I watched in 2012

The Hunger Games (2012)

Every year I keep lists of movies I have watched, and my visit to the cinema always seems to be at a frequency of once a month.

In 2012, the movie that took me by surprise most was The Hunger Games – you can read of more thoughts on the movie here.

The movie I was most disappointed with was The Bourne Legacy, which totally under delivered and was a poor use of Jeremy Renner and Manila – the script was weak to say the least. Here’s my list from 2012:

  • Ah Beng The Movie (Jan) – Queensbay, Penang
  • The Hunger Games (Mar) – Cineleisure, Singapore
  • The Avengers (May) – Gurney Plaza, Penang
  • The Avengers (May) – Queensbay, Penang
  • The Dark Knight Rises (July) – AMK Hub, Singapore
  • The Dark Knight Rises (July) –  GV Vivocity, Singapore
  • The Bourne Legacy (August) – Cineleisure, Singapore
  • Premium Rush (October) – GV Vivocity Gold Class, Singapore
  • Skyfall (November) – Cineleisure, Singapore
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn (November) – Cineleisure, Singapore
  • CZ12 (December) – Queensbay, Penang

This year, I plan to watch more films in the cinema, however considering I have only been once and it’s already April…

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