Books I read in 2013

Over the course of 2013, I read 13 books in total. That is an average of 1.08 books a month. Interestingly, all 13 books were Christian in nature, (not so much The Hobbit though Tolkien himself was a Catholic).


1. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (Jan)
2. The Pilgrim’s Regress by CS Lewis (Feb)
3. Mere Christianity by CS Lewis (Feb)
4. Words of Revolution by Tom Skinner (Feb)
5. Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer (Mar)
6. Battlefield of The Mind by Joyce Meyer (Apr)
7. The Power of Covenant by Dehner Maurer (Apr)
8. I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life (May)
9. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis (June)
10. Chin Up by Kenneth Chin (June)
11. Choosing For Life; Relationship Choices Without Regrets by Mike Constantine (June)
12. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell (Aug)
13. Surprised by Joy by CS Lewis (Nov)

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