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Last Friday I attended a writing session using “storycubes” as prompts. They are basically dices with a single artwork on them, with the intention of spurring your imagination to write a short piece. The workshop was organised by Alice Leong and Shiya Yang, the former who is the founder of rousingreads.com. A few things I am learning as I write:

  • Never throw away your drafts. Someday they will sell for millions when you are famous. If your drafts are handwritten or typewritten with handwritten marks, they will sell for even more. People who see the finished product do not always see the hundred pages that never made it. The value of your work is in your thought process.
  • Never explain your work. Having attended my fair share of comment groups over the last six months, I find that many writers explain their work before reading them aloud. They also defend themselves too quickly when receiving critique and answer silly questions about their thought process. Let your work speak for itself.


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  1. This is very true. Great post!

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