Zulin Book Company

This image probably explains my love and fascination for books, and why I’ve always wanted to own a bookstore. In 1962, my grandfather and his younger brother, together with the help of their mother and sisters, ran a shop called Zulin Book Company on Carnarvon Street in Penang. Besides selling notepads and stationeries, they alsoContinue reading “Zulin Book Company”

Vintage postcards of Penang in the 1960s

I recently went on a week long trip to Hong Kong, and during my time at The Peak, I thought about how similar my hometown in Penang was to Hong Kong – what with its furnicular trams, prestigious hillside residences and traces of colonial Britain. Here are some postcards I found at home of PenangContinue reading “Vintage postcards of Penang in the 1960s”

Stories from boy schools

One Wednesday night, I ate dinner with two boys from my hometown. They told me all about the shenanigans of being boys in a certain mixed school, and they included: Borrowing text books from girls of other class and scribbling “I love you” before returning them Stealing text books from other students, erasing their nameContinue reading “Stories from boy schools”